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Need advice on Trade, Investment, or Corporate Due Diligence? Our Team is just a call away.

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Our core business

Access to markets

The VAOB Group advisory team applies its understanding of Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic and political environments to help businesses improve their performance, gain access to industry knowledge, and meet their organizational objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). We advise on development strategy and disruptive approaches to addressing various societal and economic issues within businesses and the region as a whole.

Services we offer

Our Consulting & Advisory Services

Beyond the direct impact on Africa in the Sub-Saharan region, we have made our mark on her economy through our proven Consulting and Advisory services. And we will do same for you.


VAOB assists organisations in ensuring effective market entry and market longevity through extensive qualitative and quantitative research. This also enables them to strategically position themselves as investor-ready entities.
We have provided consulting services on several development projects for large non-governmental organizations, including Palladium International, Shell Petroleum Development Company, the UK Department of International Development, in sectors such as railways, trade, investment, and agribusiness.

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At VAOB Group, we believe in the importance of international trade and foreign direct investment to the economies of all countries involved. We are well-positioned to advise our clients on how to best capitalize on the presence of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) Secretariat in Ghana, as well as the significant tariff subsidies and export opportunities associated with the agreement. We also recognize that access to new markets provides businesses with virtually limitless opportunities for expansion. However, if done incorrectly and without adequate research, it can be a prohibitively expensive venture with little benefit to businesses.
Through its extensive and high-level network in Sub-Saharan Africa, VAOB advises companies looking to trade with or enter the African market on local content, import/export, business registration, and regulatory permits.

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Corporate Due Diligence

VAOB employs its extensive knowledge of the local environment to conduct thorough political, economic, and industry analysis for organizations interested in carrying out development projects in Ghana.
We help governments evaluate potential investors and identify any risks associated with the design, development, financing and implementation of proposed projects. VAOB assesses areas that present tendencies for risk including financial, legal, operational and tax affairs, and develops risk mitigation mechanisms to ensure institutional efficiency and successful project execution.

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