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Strong Global Partnerships

VAOB Group leverages its strong partnerships with foreign banks and finance institutions to secure funding for long-term projects such as public infrastructure or services, industrial projects, and others through innovative and tailor-made financial structures.

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VAOB Group Projects

VAOB, together with our international construction partner Grupo Casais has secured a contract from the Ministry of Health to build two district hospitals valued at USD 14.4 million under the government’s Agenda 111 initiative.

VAOB provided local content and government relation advice to Mabey Bridges and its local partner Ridge Stewardstone culminating in the cabinet’s approval of the construction of 89 emergency bridges in Ghana valued at £43 million.

VAOB advised on the financial structure of a USD 35 million water project, secured financing from a credit financing agency and supported key phases of the process, culminating in cabinet’s approval of the project.

VAOB has consulted on several Palladium Development projects, of which the most recent and significant is the £17 million JET Program. We provided local content advice, stakeholder and political economic analysis.

VAOB has secured a USD 14.6 million contract to supply two Diesel Multiple Unit trains (DMUs) to the Ministry of Railways Development of Ghana. VAOB through its subsidiary V-Rail in partnership with PESA, will provide maintenance for the trains as well.

Rolling stock Projects

At VAOB, we aim to connect Ghana with a modern railway network. It is our goal to enhance freight transport efficiency in Ghana by introducing trains as a modern alternative to road transportation and enable companies to transport bulky goods over long distances with ease.

Maintenance of DMUs and establishment of passenger operations service.

Public/Private Client

Operation of rail freight service on the Tema-Mpakadan standard gauge line.

Public/Private Client

Establishment of full-service train maintenance facility.

VAOB’s Key Strategic Partners

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