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Our Accra and London offices, as well as partners in West, Central, and East Africa, put us in a strong position to monitor developments on the continent while also keeping up with global market trends. Here are the services we provide to our clients.

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Infrastructure & Project Financing

Vaob works with African governments and private companies to develop, structure and finance infrastructure projects. Our team has decades of experience in taking infrastructure projects from conceptualisation to the execution stage.
We capitalise on our relationships and track record with credible international banks to develop financing strategies for your infrastructure project.

Project Management

VAOB collaborates with private and public sector partners to secure financing for infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. We provide our clients with cost-effective materials and services, lowering production costs while also ensuring that the supply chain lines that serve as the economy’s backbone remain sustainable. Key areas of interest include Hospitals, Roads and Bridges, Railways and Power.

Consulting & Advisory

We facilitate trade between private institutions and governments within Sub-Saharan Africa. The Market Entry team works with international companies looking to penetrate the region and provides them strategic advice on securing the right business partners and most lucrative projects.

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