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Infrastructure & Project Financing


Need help with expertise or financing for your infrastructure project? Our Team is just a call away.

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Smart and effective project solutions.

Strong Global Partnerships

VAOB Group leverages its strong partnerships with foreign banks and finance institutions to secure funding for long-term projects such as public infrastructure or services, industrial projects, and others through innovative and tailor-made financial structures.

Results Driven By Experience

As a team, we understand the risks associated with financing long-term infrastructure projects and, as a result, we design finance structures that aim to limit uncertainties and produce the best possible outcome for all parties involved, lenders and clients alike.


Average yearly growth


Avarage customer satisfaction


Secured in Project Funding

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Our global experience and local knowledge enable us to deliver the integrated service offerings our clients require, with a track record spanning sectors and providing result-driven, unconventional advice on a wide range of transactions worldwide.

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Creating Balance.

We work with governments to shape their policies, create frameworks, and assist them in implementing PPPs industry by industry. We balance investors’ desire for profit with the government’s desire for political and financial transparency.

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Infrastructure Projects.

We deliver solutions that fund new roads, bridges, water and sanitation systems, hospitals, and improve rail services for our public sector clients, whether it’s raising funding for infrastructure projects or securing private sector partners.

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